New Song’s monthly operating expenses average only $3,100. You can give your tithe here or designate an offering for a specific need. All donations are tax deductible.

Another way to earn money for New Song while you shop is to use a new eScrip program (the Benefit-Mobile App) on your smartphone to buy gift cards from participating retailers such as: WalMart, Target, Regal Cinemas, Amazon, Applebee’s, Starbucks, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bath & Body Works, Bed/Bath/&Beyond, and lots more.

benefitlogoLook for the app that has this logo. When you download the free app on your phone, you first designate a beneficiary (New Song), then you connect the app to either your checking account or a credit card so that it will only take a few clicks to buy the gift cards ($25 minimum).

Then, when you know you’re going to spend at least $25 at any particular store, you go to the app and buy a gift card ahead of time, then simply show the cashier the gift card on your phone app to pay (or use the code for online purchases). It adds a few steps to the way you shop, but will earn money for the church.

The app shows the percentage you will earn on your purchases from each retailer (from 2.5% to over 10%), and lets you see how much you will be earning for the church. Of course, eScrip then takes 15% as an administrative fee.

(1) A $100 gift card at WalMart will earn $2.50 (eScrip gets $.37; New Song gets $2.13).

(2) A $100 gift card at Regal Cinemas would earn $8.00 (eScrip gets $1.20; New Song gets $6.80).

Very cool. Give it a try and see how much we can earn this year! Thank you!